Three Ways to Make Enrollment Changes

August 21, 2020
Three Ways to Make Enrollment Changes

QualChoice gives you choices for making changes to your group enrollment or selecting new benefit plans for members.

1. Change Form

The enrollment Change Form is available at, Find a Form or Document

Complete the fillable PDF form and print and send via U.S. mail or fax, or email the electronic form. Open Enrollment is a good time to remind members to update beneficiaries and personal representatives. These forms may also be found online:

  • Designation of Beneficiary Form for life insurance
  • Designation of Personal Representative (may be updated at any time)

2. Electronic Spreadsheet

If you prefer to submit a spreadsheet of enrollment changes, your QualChoice representative can provide you with an electronic template. This is an easy way to send updates for several members at once, or if you are adding additional benefit plan offerings at renewal.

3. My Account Portal

If you haven’t already registered for My Account access, now is the time! Making enrollment additions and changes here is fast, easy and secure.

  • Enroll new hires
  • Make year-round changes online
  • View eligibility details
  • Enter Open Enrollment selections on renewal
    Renewal plan benefits will not appear in the portal until paperwork has been received and processed. To ensure that renewal benefits are available for enrollment, please submit paperwork before the Open Enrollment period.


Get started with My Account by viewing the three required training modules. Then fill out the My Account Training Certificate and return it to us. Your account will be created within 48 hours and you will receive a confirmation email.


To learn more, or for help, please contact your Account Service Representative.