The Quality Choice for Pharmacy Coverage

Pharmacy benefit management is a vital part of the health care package. Our goal is to cover the most cost effective drug treatments at the lowest net cost.

Formulary Choices

We offer a choice of formularies (drug lists), compiled by a group of practicing doctors and pharmacists. These health care experts review new drugs, pre-authorization requirements, and step/contingent therapy.

Helping Employers Make Good Choices

We try to help our clients make good choices about their pharmacy benefit. Some of the ways we can help:

  • Spotting Rx cost drivers
  • Promoting generic drugs vs. private brand name drugs
  • Therapeutic interchange programs
  • Retrospective drug use review
  • Medications adherence programs
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse control programs

Online Access

Members and clients can get the most out of their pharmacy benefits with our online services. Helpful tools include:

  • Pharmacy Locator
  • Drug Lookup – view facts on many drugs
  • Price and Save – check prescription prices
  • Rx History – print a listing of prescriptions filled over a given period of time

Wide Pharmacy Network

We offer a wide national retail pharmacy network. It includes most major chains and smaller in-state retail pharmacies. An easy-to-use mail order service is also available.

Specialty Pharmacy

We partner with pharmacies that work with specialty drugs, the fastest growing area in pharmacy benefits. By working with dedicated specialty providers, we can ensure the best possible care at the best price.

The specialty pharmacists are trained in the health problems these drugs treat. Our own clinical staff works with the specialty pharmacy to help members follow their drug therapy correctly, preventing costly health problems.