Quality Results

An e-newsletter for doctors, other health care experts and facilities affiliated with QCA Health Plan, Inc., and QualChoice Life and Health Insurance Company, Inc.

Quality Results


Winter 2018

  • Medical Record Review — Affordable Care Act (ACA) 2018 Dates of Service
  • Coverage Guidelines: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (BI273)
  • Improving Healthcare with PCMH
  • Value-Based Care Program Reminders
  • New for Arkansas Works Program
  • QualChoice Exchange Coverage Now Available in NE Arkansas
  • It Pays to Use AutoAuth!
  • Medical Coverage Policies Updates

Fall 2018

  • QualChoice CPC+ Performance Bonuses
  • AutoAuth® Update
  • Home Sleep Studies
  • Claim Frequency Codes
  • Medical Records Collection for IVA
  • Arkansas Works
  • AMS Conferences
  • Medical Coverage Policies Updates
  • New on QualChoice.com

Summer 2018

  • Medical Records Collection for IVA
  • Orthotic Devices Require Pre-authorization
  • ARBenefits: Medical Necessity Review Required for Transplant
  • New Pre-Auths Available through AutoAuth®
  • Using the ECHO Health EFT Payment System
  • Opioid Misuse and Guideline for Prescribing
  • CPC+ Updates and Reminders

Spring 2018

  • Medical Record Review for HEDIS Reporting
  • New! AutoAuth® Maternity and DRG Notifications
  • Helping PCPs Improve Healthcare
  • CPC+ News and Updates
  • Health Tips at QualChoice.com
  • Stay Up-to-Date on Medical Policies


Winter 2017

  • Coming Soon - ECHO Health EFT Provider Payment System
  • Save Time with AutoAuth-Pre-authorization!
  • No Out-of-State Coverage for Individual Metallic Members in 2018
  • Changes to Imaging Coverage Under Consideration
  • Pre-authorization Required for IOM Services
  • Changes Coming to Member Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • New Limits on Short-Acting Opioids
  • PCP Assignment and Specialist Claims

Fall 2017

  • Countdown to Online Pre-authorizations
  • Using the My Account Online Provider Portal
  • Collaborating on Coordinated Care
  • New and Improved Payment System
  • Stay Up to Date on Medical Policies
  • Be Sure to Use In-Network Services
  • Review Your Demographic Information

Summer 2017

  • Let’s Collaborate!
  • Please Submit Medical Records for IVA
  • Be Sure to Use In-Network Services
  • Denial of Coverage for Procedure Change
  • Data Sharing to Prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Coverage Decisions

Spring 2017

  • CPC+ Contracts Mailed
  • Using the Correct Request Form
  • Medical Record Review for HEDIS Reporting
  • CERiS Review Program FAQs
  • Stay Connected! Sign Up for My Account
  • Individual Metallic Plan Members Must Have PCP

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