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2020-2021 Community Impact Report
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2020-2021 Community Impact Report

The 2020/2021 Community Impact Report is the story of how we work to fulfill our purpose: Helping Arkansas Live Better. We believe healthier individuals create more vibrant communities. [ more … ]

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What You Need to Know About Referrals and Pre-authorization
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What You Need to Know About Referrals and Pre-authorization

While QualChoice does not require referrals, some services require pre-authorization (pre-approval). Find out ahead of time if the services you need call for a pre-auth. Your claim could be denied if [ more … ]

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Mental Health Tips and Resources
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Mental Health Tips and Resources

Your mental health plays a key role in your well-being. How you feel affects how you make decisions, manage stress, and set and achieve the goals you have for your life. [ more … ]

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