Sleep Well for Good Health

March 14, 2018
Sleep Well for Good Health

Sleep is just as important to your health as diet and exercise. Here’s how to know if you’re getting enough sleep – and what to do if you aren’t.

Recommended sleep amounts and their benefits:

  • Adults ages 18-60 should sleep seven or more hours each night. Teenagers need eight to 10 hours of sleep, while younger children need nine to 12 hours.
  • Good sleep improves your mood, clears your thinking and helps you fight off infection.
  • Signs of poor sleep include waking up several times at night and not feeling rested even when you’ve slept the recommended hours.

Tips for better sleep:

  • Avoid napping and you’ll rest better at night. If you must nap, do so early in the day and keep it to 20 minutes or less.
  • Go to bed and get up at the same times each day.
  • Make sure your room is quiet, dark and relaxing.
  • Don’t watch TV, read or look at your cell phone in bed.
  • Skip caffeine and don’t eat large meals before bedtime.
  • Be sure to exercise during the day and eat a balanced diet of fruits, veggies and lean protein.

See more helpful tips here.

If you follow these tips for better sleep but still feel tired, see your doctor to be checked for sleep apnea or other conditions that may be preventing you from sleeping well.

If your QualChoice plan includes QCARE, we can help! Our Care Managers help members set and reach health and well-being goals. They also give support and education on issues like:

  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Improving diet
  • Handling stress
  • Increasing activities
  • Stopping tobacco use

For one-on-one coaching, call 800.235.7111 or 501.228.7111 and ask to speak to a Care Manager.*