Play It Safe this Summer

June 14, 2017
Play It Safe this Summer

Summer brings many opportunities for outdoor fun! Warm days can include swimming, hiking, picnicking and playing ball. There are sightseeing vacations and backyard staycations. All of these good times are even better when we steer clear of accidents and illness. Before you head out the door, brush up on these safety tips to keep your summer safe and healthy.

  1. Keep your cool outdoors:
    • Pay attention to weather forecasts and heat alerts.
    • Limit outdoor activity at midday, when the sun is hottest.
    • When temperatures exceed 90 degrees, stay indoors where it’s air-conditioned.
    • Outside, wear sunscreen and lightweight, light-colored clothing.
    • Stay hydrated – carry a water bottle.
    • Know the signs of heat stroke – hot, dry skin; rapid pulse; throbbing headache and dizziness.
  2. Fight the bite:
    • Use insect repellents containing DEET to prevent insect-related diseases.
    • Check for ticks when you work or play outdoors.
  3. Slow down for safety.
    • Pace activity. Start slow and pick up the pace gradually, especially in the heat.
    • Enjoy a relaxing vacation. It can help lower your blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones.
  4. Be wise about water:
    • Learn to swim.
    • Make sure young swimmers are supervised by an adult who knows how to swim.
    • Make sure each person in a boat is wearing a life jacket. As many as half of all boating deaths might be prevented with the use of life jackets.
  5. Avoid food-borne illness:
    • Cook meat, poultry and seafood thoroughly.
    • Refrigerate leftover foods promptly. Bacteria can grow quickly at room temperature.
    • Don't let food sit out in the hot sun.

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