How to Stay Smoke-free

March 21, 2019
How to Stay Smoke-free

Quitting smoking is hard. It’s a process that may take time. And after you quit, it can be just as tough to stay smoke-free. Follow these steps to stay a non-smoker.

Understand Your Triggers

Triggers are the things that make you want to smoke. Certain people, places, things, and situations can trigger the urge, even years after quitting.  Know your triggers and be prepared to fight them.  

Beat Cravings

It’s hard to stay smoke-free when cravings hit. But the longer you go without smoking, the more these urges will fade. Fighting cravings is easier if you have a plan. Make a list of things to do when you have the urge to smoke, like taking a walk or practicing deep breathing. Keep your list handy.

Be Positive

Quitting is a process: take it one day at a time. Keeping a positive outlook can help you get through. There are ways to deal with stress and other strong emotions without cigarettes. 

Celebrate You

Staying smoke-free is a big accomplishment. Treat yourself often! With the money you save not buying cigarettes, get yourself something special. If you have already built your quit plan, remind yourself of the rewards you chose. If you haven’t made a quit plan, it’s never too late.

Get Support

Controlling your triggers and managing cravings can be hard, even after you’ve been smoke-free for a while. Get support from the people around you. Let them know you’re in it for the long haul, and what they can do to help.

More Resources

Check out other ways to get help staying smoke-free for good:

Learn more about the effect of nicotine on your body and get more tips and tools for quitting at*

*Provides free, accurate, evidence-based information and professional assistance to help support the immediate and long-term needs of people trying to quit smoking.

QCARE Can Help

For one-on-one coaching or to enroll in our QCARE Kick the Nic! stopping tobacco use program, call 800.235.7111 or 501.228.7111 and ask to speak to a Care Manager.

Health plans vary. Check with your employer or plan administrator to see if QCARE is included.