How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

December 28, 2017 10:24
How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

The secret to success is in how you build your healthy new habits.

Start by identifying your long-term priorities:

  • Write down your top priorities, such as exercising more or eating more meals at home
  • Ask yourself how these priorities will benefit you in the years to come
  • Know that you are adopting a different perspective on what is truly important to you
  • Break your priorities into small daily or weekly tasks

Focus on recent achievements:

  • Remember that everyone will have setbacks or obstacles to overcome, but these are not as important as remembering what you’ve done right
  • Start small and picture yourself reaching your goals by moving forward steadily, not all at once

Be willing to experiment:

  • Keep an open mind about what will work for you
  • If your first effort isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try a different approach

Set realistic goals:

  • Make SMART goals
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time-limited
  • Set aside some time to reflect on your reasons for setting the goal

Track your progress:

  • Jot down daily activities in a journal. This simple task can help you identify your strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Share your goal with someone who will encourage you

If your QualChoice plan includes QCARE, we can help! Our Care Managers help members set and reach health and well-being goals. They also give support and education on issues like:

  • Stopping tobacco use
  • Improving diet
  • Handling stress
  • Increasing activities

Get started today! Call 800.235.7111 or 501.228.7111 and ask to speak to a Care Manager.