Online Access Makes Maternity Notifications Easy

February 26, 2018
Online Access Makes Maternity Notifications Easy

Our automated, evidence-based pre-auth system makes it easy for providers to request authorizations and supply supporting documents. The system is easily accessed through the My Account provider portal at

Providers get a quick, often instant, response. The AutoAuth® system matches specific criteria to the clinical information provided. This allows automatic approval of the procedure or hospital admission.

And the system is growing! Each month, we’re adding more procedures, features and functions. Our goal is a fully automated system, completely replacing the current manual process. We will announce additional services as AutoAuth becomes required for each one.

NEW! AutoAuth Maternity Notifications are now available. We urge OB/GYN and PCP providers to sign in and take advantage of this feature. We think you’ll be impressed with the ease of the system! Your Provider Representative can help with any issues or problems. Training materials are available in the My Account portal at

Effective May 1, all maternity notifications will be handled via the AutoAuth system.