New AutoAuth Services

January 7, 2020
New AutoAuth Services

Thank you to all providers who are using our AutoAuth® online pre-authorization system! We’re happy to announce that two new services have been added to the system.

Authorizations for Wound Care in Home and Sleep Study in Lab are now available via our online AutoAuth system. Other services that can be requested through AutoAuth include:

  • Inpatient admission, surgical — for elective/pre-planned procedures
    • Cardiovascular, thoracic, pulmonary procedures
    • Gastroenterology and urology procedures
    • Joint and fracture procedures
    • Spine procedures
  • Home health services — up to 20 visits
  • Maternity notification — for date of delivery
  • Obstetric ultrasound — for codes or additional scans beyond those allowed without authorization
  • DRG notification — for acute admissions to a DRG facility
  • Outpatient surgical procedure
    • Proton beam radiotherapy

The user-friendly AutoAuth system brings you faster and smoother pre-authorizations and improved practice efficiency.

  • Reduce the need for phone calls made and time spent on hold.
  • No need to fax requests and wait for responses.
  • Get immediate approval when clinical indications are met.
  • Print your approval letter right from the application.

AutoAuth is not required for any type of pre-authorization request, but is strongly encouraged.

Sign in to the My Account provider portal to learn more and get started! For questions about the system, contact your Provider Representative.