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QuicChoice short-term coverage gives you peace of mind in case of major illness or accidents. It’s ideal for people between jobs and part-time or seasonal workers. It’s also great for new employees waiting for their plan to start and for recent retirees waiting for Medicare benefits to begin.

  • Individual or family coverage.
  • 2 benefit periods per person per lifetime.
  • We pay 80%, you pay 20% after deductible is met.
  • We pay 100% after out-of-pocket maximum is met. Up to $1 million lifetime maximum per person.
  • $4,000 out-of-pocket maximum per person
  • Emergency coverage available.*
  • Statewide network of doctors and facilities.
  • Prescription drug savings card.

Benefits shown are for in-network doctors and facilities. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Short-term plans do not meet the minimum essential coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

*$200 copayment with $250 deductible

Get Started Now!


Step 1. Choose your coverage type.

*Unmarried dependent from age 6 months to 19 years. If there are multiple children, each must complete a separate application.
**Requires at least 1 legal guardian between 19 and 64 years old.

Step 2. Choose your coverage period.

  • Minimum 20 days.
  • Maximum 182 days.
  • Start date cannot be more than 30 days from date of signed application.

Step 3. Review your deductible.

$250 deductible

$0.00 a day for 0 days


1 time Premium Payment (Non-Refundable)

$500 deductible

$0.00 a day for 0 days


1 time Premium Payment (Non-Refundable)

$1,000 deductible

$0.00 a day for 0 days


1 time Premium Payment (Non-Refundable)

Step 4. Apply online and be covered tomorrow!

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