About the System

  • Who is ECHO Health?
    ECHO Health is a leading provider of electronic solutions for payments to healthcare providers. ECHO consolidates individual provider and vendor payments into a single ERISA- and HIPAA-compliant format, remits electronic payments, and provides explanation of provider payment details to Providers.
    Currently we pay providers by check or a manual EFT process. With this system enhancement, ECHO will draw payments directly from our accounts to pay providers. ECHO will also generate and send provider payment EOBs.
  • What payment methods are available?
    • EFT/ACH-- Automatic deposit direct to your bank account. Transaction fees by your bank may apply.
    • Virtual Card (VCard) – Virtual Visa debit transaction


  • How do I register to use the ECHO Health system?
    Register here, or if you are already registered with ECHO Health, log in here. You will need your tax identification number (TIN) along with an ECHO draft number and amount from a payment issued by ECHO.
  • I’m already registered with ProviderNet, do I need to sign up again?
    Yes, you will need to sign up with Echo Health.
  • I’m already registered with Echo Health, do I need to sign up again?
    No. If you are already signed up for Echo Health, you do not need to re-register. You will start seeing your QualChoice information in the system when we launch.
  • Will my information from ProviderNet automatically transfer over to EchoHealth?
    No, you will need to use the ProviderNet system to see past transactions.
  • Will there be any disruption to payment?
    No, there will be no payment disruption. 
  • How do I check the status of my EFT enrollment?
    Check EFT enrollment status by contacting ECHO at 888.834.3511.

Virtual Card Questions

  • What are the advantages of Virtual Card (V Card)?
    The process will include an improved EOB combining payment information, instructions, and remittance data in a single document. Details of each QualChoice payment you receive may be viewed online at ProviderPayments.com. Virtual Card payments are not subject to printing and mailing delays common with paper checks.

  • What is required to accept Virtual Card (VCard)?
    QuicRemit allows for Virtual Visa Card debit transaction as a payment method. You must have a credit card terminal in your office to use this payment method. 
  • How do I receive notification of Virtual Card (VCard) Payment?
    Your office will receive fax or mail notifications, each containing a virtual credit card with a number unique to that payment transaction. When you receive the number, enter the code into your office’s credit card terminal to process payment as a regular card transaction.
  • What will happen if I don’t process my Virtual Card within 30 days?
    If the card is not processed within 30 days, the Virtual Visa debit transaction will be voided and a paper check will automatically be sent to your office. Normal transaction fees apply.
  • What else should I know about Virtual Card (V Card)?
    Normal credit card transaction fees apply. Payments are received 3-7 days earlier than paper checks sent by the US Postal Service.
  • How do I opt out of the Virtual Card?
    To opt out, sign up for EFT.

Technical Help

  • Is there a user guide available?
    To access the Provider Payments Portal Quick Reference Guide go to ProviderPayments.com, log in and click the Help button.
  • How do I contact ECHO for technical support issues?
    For technical support, call ECHO at 888.834.3511.