At QualChoice, protecting the privacy and security of our members is a priority. Our new secure email system is designed to ensure that your business and personal information is protected. The Cisco Registered Envelope System allows QualChoice to easily and securely exchange sensitive information.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Email messages from QualChoice that contain protected health information (PHI) and/or confidential information will not go directly to your regular inbox.
  2. Instead you will receive an email notifying you that an email message is waiting for you at your secure mail site.
  3. This email will include an attachment with a link to retrieve your secure message. If you have not registered for the service, you will be asked to open an account before you can retrieve your secure message.

What do you need to do?

As this is a newly implemented system, all users are required to complete the simple registration process in order to exchange secure email with QualChoice.

Important Note: Even if you previously registered to use our secure email server, you will need to re-register to use the new system.

Get Started with the New System