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Proudly Serving the University of Arkansas System Since 1994

Health Management Programs

Our wide range of health management programs and resources support our members at any stage of health. Programs are either targeted to specific conditions or designed to improve or maintain overall health. Most feature clinical one-on-one member support.

Flexible Spending Account

Enroll in a QualChoice Flexible Spending Account and have pre-tax funds automatically set aside from each paycheck to use for co-pays, prescriptions and other approved health care and dependent care expenses.


UAS member pharmacy benefits are managed by MedImpact.

Please contact MedImpact or review your Presciption ID Card for more information.

Right to Appeal

If you disagree with a decision made by QualChoice to not provide payment in whole or in part, you have the right to appeal that decision.

Customer Service

501.219.5133 or 866.724.3570

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