New 2014 IQChoice and Individual Marketplace Plans
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New 2014 IQChoice and Individual Marketplace Plans

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New IQChoice Individual & Marketplace Plans for 2014

We are excited to offer new individual products from QualChoice! Plans are available directly from QualChoice at, as well as on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Plans include several variations in each of the Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers and a Catastrophic plan.

At, shoppers can choose from:

  • 5 Gold Plans offering complete coverage for all medical needs, with deductibles ranging from $500–$2000, one of which is an HSA qualified HDHP.
  • 5 Silver Plans featuring lower costs and balanced coverage, with deductibles from $750–$2000, also including an HSA qualified HDHP.
  • 3 Bronze Plans, which provide basic coverage for accidents and illness, in deductibles of $2500, $3000 or $5000.
  • A Catastrophic Plan for unexpected illness and injury, for individuals age 18-30 or who have a certificate saying they do not owe a Shared Responsibility Payment.

Marketplace plans, available at, include:

  • 2 Gold Plans with deductibles of $500 or $1000
  • A $200- or $150-deductible Silver Plan
  • 2 Bronze Plans with $2500 or $5000 deductible
  • A Catastrophic Plan

Action Required for Medicare Part D by October 15
Annually QualChoice sends a courtesy reminder to our employer groups to assist them with their obligations under Medicare Part D. Employers providing prescription drug coverage to retirees and/or Medicare-eligible individuals must notify them by October 15 of each year whether their prescription drug plan is “creditable coverage” to Medicare Part D.

Questions? Contact your Regional Sales Manager or Account Service Representative.

Broker Assignment for Private Option Sales

We are developing a form for your Private Option (Medicaid Expansion) clients to specify you as their broker/agent. This will allow us to compensate you for QualChoice products that you sell. We value our broker community and we want to make sure you are compensated for every sale. This simple form will include your license number, federal tax ID number, and both you and your client’s contact information.  The form will be available soon on the Broker Forms page of

Reminder: To sell QualChoice products on the Health Insurance Marketplace, we must have a copy of your Exchange Producer License on file. Email to or fax to 501.219.5121.

Change in Conversion Policies

QualChoice has elected to terminate all current Conversion policies on December 31, 2013 due to the recent guidance issued by the Arkansas Insurance Department stating that Conversion policies may not be offered in Arkansas in 2014. This is a change from the initial letter originally sent to Conversion policy members on August 21, which included an amendment to their current policy.

Brokers should help Conversion policy members purchase replacement policies either directly from QualChoice or through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Lower MediQ65 Rates Coming!

We are lowering our MediQ65 rates for 2014! The new lower rate will save $174 annually for individuals in area 1 and save $272 annually for individuals in area 2 vs. competitive rates. These are significant amounts for seniors. Call your MediQ65 sales representative to learn more 855.633.4765 or 800.235.7111.

Delay Individual ACA Changes — Renew or Buy Now

Make sure your current IQChoice members know that they can renew their existing policy though December 31, 2014. This will delay any increases associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and allow members who are happy with their current coverage to keep it for another year.

Members received a letter from QualChoice detailing the offer. Please follow up to see if they are interested in renewal or if they have any questions about the federal premium subsidy. Also, encourage individuals without coverage to buy before December 1, 2013 to delay the ACA changes through December 31, 2014.

PCP Cost Sharing

Effective August 15, 2013, we began applying primary care cost sharing to services billed by licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists. Physical and occupational therapy services billed by other specialists, e.g. chiropractors, will continue to be processed with specialty physician cost sharing.

Privacy and Security Protections for Health Data

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights enacted a final rule that implements a number of provisions of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, to strengthen the privacy and security protections for health information established under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

HHS has strengthened the privacy and security protections for health information established under HIPAA through enhanced rules. The final omnibus rule greatly enhances a patient’s privacy protections, provides individuals new rights to their health information, and strengthens the government’s ability to enforce the law. “Much has changed in health care since HIPAA was enacted over fifteen years ago,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “The new rule will help protect patient privacy and safeguard patients’ health information in an ever expanding digital age.”

In compliance with the new rules, QualChoice has an updated Privacy Notice, which is included in all member policies.

Small Group NGF Proposals

2014 Small Group non-grandfathered proposals are not available at this time. We will notify you when a proposal is available.

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